dress with a cultural influence fusion

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dress with a cultural influence fusion
  1. target market
    1. teenage girls
      1. My product is aimed at teenagers, I have chosen this target market because I know a lot of people in this target market, and the research will be easier to get eg the questionnaire. I could give the questionnaire out to my friends and ask for their opinions.
      2. material
        1. lace
          1. woven fabric
          2. style
            1. maxi dress
              1. long sleeves
                1. might have a short train
                2. cost
                  1. teenagers usually have a low budget, but want a frequent change in style
                    1. costing of material will also have to be considered
                      1. I will look at prices of existing products and decide an approperiate price
                      2. environment
                        1. I would have used recycled material for my final product but have decided not to as recycled material is not always in a great conditon.
                        2. asthetics
                          1. my aim is to amke my final product to look elegant, and pretty
                            1. the colour of the final product will not be too bright but, will be a calm colour that isn't too showy
                            2. areas of research
                              1. people with experience in this field
                                1. textbook
                                  1. internet
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