eMails and letters

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Cambridge fce

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eMails and letters
  1. You know
    1. Dear/Hello/Hi+name
      1. Best wishes/All the best
      2. You don't know
        1. Dear+firstname/Dear+surname
          1. Best wishes/Kind regards
      3. You know
        1. Dear+name
          1. Best wishes/Love/With love
          2. You don't know
            1. Dear+surname/Dear+Sir or Madam
              1. Yours sincerly/Yours/Yours faithfully
          3. Beginning
            1. Thanks for your email/ Thanks for your letter about
              1. Refer to the topic or the question
                1. You mentioned/asked about...
                  1. With reference to...
                    1. As for...
                      1. Your...sounds an excellent idea...
                        1. Suggestions
                          1. Ask for information
                            1. Complaining
                              1. I'm not very happy about+Ving
                                1. I'd like to complain about+Ving
                                  1. Apologising
                                    1. Sorry about+Ving
                                      1. I'd like to apologise for+Ving
                                    2. Could you tell me
                                      1. I'd like to know if
                                        1. I'd like information on
                                          1. Do you know if/wether/when/what
                                          2. How about+Ving
                                            1. What about
                                              1. It might also be a good idea to
                                                1. Can I suggest
                                                  1. I suggest+Ving
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