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Se describe en ingles sobre el articulo de las bases de datos

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Mapa_Mental_Sql_ DIegoMartinez
  1. After spending much time using relational databases, we are entering the era of databases especializadascon specific functions, and there are many options when choosing what is needed.
    1. This new era is notable for the variety of solutions offered for example:
      1. Core business functions and transaction processing company: This has basic functions of joint undertakings as billing, tracking receipts, etc.Conectando all enterprise applications using the advancement of databases connected to the cloud.
        1. Analytics and business intelligence When choosing a database for business needs to consider the type needed they must be able to understand many analytical applications ademásde room with large volumes of files processing them and storing them properly.
          1. Developer Resources As with the agile IT systems are needed in response to your questions and the opportunity to generate code..
            1. Special projects: This project seeks to be as simple and intuitive to solving their problems, as most owners are often business managers have not created their career and company.
              1. Mobile applications: This is the great frontier of data, as more and more local client-side computing is now occurring through smartphones and tablets. As with embedded devices, mobile smartphones require databases that are capable of going offline, then syncing back up with a central database as needed.
                1. IT operational data Need for this type need a base of quick and easy data where the information can be viewed easily.
                  1. Security and Compliance In this type of database management, database storage passwords and personal data it is needed. For them very solid base solid data with user privileges are needed.
                    1. Real-time processing or sub-seconds and response requirements Such databases quick responses, processes are needed in seconds with large volumes of data in addition to time and terminals connected to the system.
                      1. Analysis of unstructured data You need to handle a lot of data in such databases, as it is generated by the user and the machine. But they are manageable because they do not have much complexity.
                        1. Web applications In such a large amount of information it is generated, so you also need something agile and fast in response to the server and databases.
                          1. E-commerce applications As with web applications need to store user information to achieve make a proper market study, has peaks in November and December in which the information is needed.
                            1. Testing and pilot projects: As with IT operational data, IT professionals need databases they can quickly call up and deploy. Here, cloud databases are a good match, with as much capacity as needed readily available
                              1. Embedded devices and applications: Remote devices—such as kiosks, sensors, or point of sale terminals—require databases that can run remotely, require little maintenance, are highly secure, and are untethered to a central data environment.
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