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1 Carbon dioxide + Water -----> Oxygen + Glucose
1.1 Glucose
1.1.1 Stored as insoluble starch
1.1.2 Used by plant for respiration
2 Leaves
2.1 Tiny spaces to allow CO2 in and O2 out by diffusion.
2.2 Most leaves are broad - made for large surface area
2.3 Contain Chlorophyll in cloroplast to absorbe the light energy (green plants only)
2.4 Has plenty of veins which carry H2O
3 Rate of photosynthesis
3.1 factors that affect it?
3.1.1 Light The more light, the greater rate of photosynthsis little or no light, no photosynthesis brighter the light, greater rate of photosynthesis
3.1.2 Temperature affects the rate of chemical reaction optimal temp. - Enzymes become denatured above 40*C, don't work
3.1.3 Carbon dioxide atmosphere only contains about 0.04% CO2 Biggest limitry factor the higher concentration of CO2, the slower rate of photosynthesis
4 Mineral ions needed
4.1 Magnesium
4.2 nitrate
4.3 poor growth if mineral ions are deficient
5 plants
5.1 absorb water through roots
5.2 absorb CO2 through leaves
5.3 Oxygen is released as a by-product of photosynthesis
5.4 open microsoft WORD file (saved under everything-school-science revision-tree photosynthesis diagram circuit)
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