Canadian Poetry

Mª Jesús Parra Ugidos
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Mª Jesús Parra Ugidos
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Education Mind Map on Canadian Poetry, created by Mª Jesús Parra Ugidos on 12/16/2020.

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Canadian Poetry
  1. Pioneering Experiences
    1. Susanna Moodie
      1. Margaret Atwood
      2. Confederation Poets
        1. Charles G.D. Roberts
          1. Archibald Lampman
            1. Duncan Campbell Scott
            2. Modernist Poetry
              1. E.J. Pratt
                1. A.M. Klein
                  1. Montreal Group
                    1. A-J.M. Smith
                      1. F.R. Scott
                      2. Dorothy Livesay
                        1. P.K. Page
                          1. Al Purdy
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