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  1. LVP solution
    1. Intravenous solutions packaged in containers holding 100ml or more
    2. SVP solutions
      1. Solutions are packaged products that are either directly administered to a patient or added to another parenteral formulatoin
      2. Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) solutions
        1. Composed of dextrose, fat, protein, electrolytes, vitamins, and trace elements
        2. Laminar flow hoods
          1. Must maintain an ISO class 5 environment
            1. ISO class 5 environment has no more than 3,520 particles
            2. Purified air flows over the work surface at 80-100 ft/min
              1. Horizontal
                1. Take up room air and channel it through the HEPA filter. The air crosses the work area in a horizontal direction (back --> front, toward the user) and exits through the hood.
                2. Vertical
                  1. Filtered air enters at the top of the work area, and moves downward all the way through the work area before it is returned to the room air.
                3. Biological safety cabinets
                  1. They take air into the cabinet through the work surface vents and recirculate it through a HEPA filter located in the top of the cabinet. The air is channeled so that a major portion is recirculated back into the cabinet, and a minor portion is passed through another HEPA filter before being exhausted into the room.
                    1. Biological safety cabinets protect both personnel and the environment form contamination
                    2. Syringe tips
                      1. slip-tip
                        1. Used to hold the needle on the syringe
                        2. luer-lok
                          1. Tips have a collar with grooves that lock the needle in place
                          2. eccentric
                            1. Have off-center tips which are used when the needle must be parallel to the plane of injection
                            2. oral syringes
                              1. Used to administer liquids
                            3. Filters
                              1. Depth filter
                                1. A filter that can filter solutions being drawn into or expelled from a syringe, but not both ways in the same procedure
                                2. Membrane filter
                                  1. Filters solution as the solution is expelled from the syringe
                                  2. Final filter
                                    1. Filter placed immediately before a solution enters a patient's vein
                                  3. Sharps
                                    1. Used needle should never be recapped.
                                      1. Discarded when three quarters full or at least daily
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