the Stuarts p. 1

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I hope this will come in handy for all of you I will be doing another map for the trial and execution of Charles and other resources

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the Stuarts p. 1
  1. the Gunpowder plot
    1. 1605
      1. 5 of november
      2. attempt to blow up James 1 and the people with in parliament
        1. Guy Fawkes was found in the cellar lighting Gun powder
          1. He was Tortured so he could name his clients in the plot
            1. the order to use whatever kind of torture that was necessary was to be used this was and order from the king
            2. Some were hanged, quartered and drawn
        2. Monarchs
          1. James 1 of England 1603-1625
            1. Charles 1 1625-1646
              1. Charles 2 1660-1695
                1. James 2 1685-1688
                  1. Queen Anne 1702-1714
                    1. Mary 1689-1702
                      1. William 3 1689-1702
              2. Mary queen of scots and James1
                1. had a claim to the English Throne
                  1. they were related to the Tudor Family
                  2. they wanted a link between Scotland and England
                    1. so no wars would occur
                      1. also between Catholics and protestants
                    2. some people thought that James was selfish and stubborn because once his mind was set no one could change it
                    3. Charles 1
                      1. son of James 1
                        1. Married Henrietta Maria
                          1. Catholic
                            1. Problem
                          2. Protestant
                            1. MP's Protestant
                              1. Parliament punished him for losing a war to the Spanish
                                1. annoyed that the king had favourites
                                2. when Charles was short of money
                                  1. Parliament would not give him any
                              2. seen as an evil man
                                1. believed God wanted him to be king
                                  1. Believed parliament should not tell him what to do
                                2. Parliaments demands for Charles
                                  1. first demand
                                    1. meet parliament regularly
                                      1. no taxes without parliaments permission
                                        1. scrap Archbishop lauds reforms
                                          1. give him more money if he fulfilled these demands
                                          2. second demand
                                            1. employ only ministers
                                              1. reduce bishops power
                                                1. Charles was furious
                                                2. Third demand
                                                  1. list of 19 new rules
                                                    1. Charles was furious
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