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This is a mind map on current that breaks the info. down into key terms

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1 Electrons move from the negative terminal of a battery to the positive terminal of a battery.This movemnt of electrons is called current
1.1 Unit for current:current is measured in ampere(A).A.K.A amp.Also the symbol for current is I
1.1.1 Conventional current is the opposite of the current definition Current is the electrons flowing along the wire
2 Potential difference(voltage) is a measure of the ability of the charges to do a particular task.e.g get from place to place
2.1 N.B. another word for ability is potential
2.1.1 Voltage is measured in Volts (V)
3 The opposition to the flow of electrons is called resistance.ex copper is a good conductor of electricity because it has low resistance
3.1 resistance is measured in the ohm,(the symbol is the greek word omega or R)
3.1.1 the formula for current is I=V X R
4 Current only flows in a complete circuit
4.1 Remember symbols used in electricity
4.2 remember experiment:to show electrical conduction in different materials and classify each as conductor or insulator
4.3 Remember experiment to prove ohm's law

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