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  1. Develops personal skills
    1. Quit develops personal skills through their ‘Slip! Slop! Slap! Seek! Slide!’ advertising campaign. This campaign emphasises five easy steps that can be taken to prevent overexposure to UV radiation.
    2. Create supportive environments
      1. SunSmart works to create supportive environments by improving environmental protection strategies, such as shade audits, options for built and natural shade, and promoting the SunSmart UV Alert.
      2. Strengthen community action
        1. SunSmart strengthens community action by assisting various groups to reduce UV exposure. Targeted groups include early childhood centres, schools, workplaces, local communities, sporting clubs and sporting venues.
        2. Build healthy public policy
          1. SunSmart has developed a range of public health policies that can be adapted to individual child care centres, kindergartens, schools and workplaces.
          2. Re-orient health services
            1. SunSmart assists in reorienting health services by providing support for community health workers, general practitioners and local governments in promoting awareness of UV exposure. This support includes advice on strategy development, making research available to health professionals and making advertising and educational materials available for use by health professionals.
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