Light KS3 Y7

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This is another physics subject for the year 7 end of yearexam

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Light KS3 Y7
  1. Lumination
    1. Luminous means a light source that emits light
      1. Illuminated means an object on which light shines and from which light may be reflected
        1. Opaque is an object where no light can pass through
          1. All light is absorbed or reflected
          2. Translucent is an object where some light passes through
            1. It absorbs and reflects some light
            2. Transparent means an object where all or most light passes through
              1. Very little or no light is absorbed or reflected
            3. Shadows
              1. Point source is where light rays are emitted radially.
                1. Non-point source is where rays from different part of the source form different overlaping shadow.
                  1. Umbra is a complete shadow (all rays blocked).
                    1. Penumbra is partial shadows, (some rays blocked).
                    2. Pin-hole camera
                      1. The image will be inverted
                        1. Small pin hole: focus but dimmed image
                          1. Large pin hole:unfocused but brighter image
                            1. Rays pass through the middle of the gap.
                              1. If there are two gaps, then there will be two images
                              2. Reflection
                                1. When light shines on an object, it is either transmitted, absorbed or reflected
                                  1. A normal mirror is a flat plane and a regular reflector
                                    1. An uneven shiny surface is a diffuse reflector
                                      1. A line separates line into two and is called a normal line
                                        1. The incident ray is the same angle as the reflected ray
                                          1. If there was an odd number of mirrors, the image would be laterally inverted, upside down
                                            1. The virtual ray is on the opposite side of the mirror and is in line with the reflection.
                                              1. The virtual image is the image on the other side of the mirror
                                              2. The visible spectrum
                                                1. White light is a mixture of all the colours in the visible spectrum
                                                  1. Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain (Red , orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)
                                                    1. When a white light travels through a prism it splits into its component colours
                                                      1. Each component bends through a different angle.
                                                        1. Red bends the least and violet bends the most
                                                          1. Some materials only reflect or transmit certain colours and asborbs the rest
                                                            1. The bending is called refraction and the splitting is called dispersion
                                                              1. In additive, red, green and blue are the primary colours
                                                                1. Yellow, magenta and cyan are the secondary and altogether the secondary colours make white.
                                                                2. In the subtractive, it is the opposite and all of them create black.
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