Electricity KS3 Y7

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This is electric current for year 7 end of year

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Electricity KS3 Y7
  1. Electric current
    1. The flow of electrical charge
      1. Measured in amps or amperes
        1. Always placed in series
          1. In a series circuit, the current is the same everywhere
            1. Series means all components are connected
              1. Parallel means all components aren't connected
              2. Resistance
                1. The more resistance in a circuit
                  1. The lower the components will work
                    1. The less resistance in a series
                      1. The better the component will work
                        1. The way the cell faces matters
                          1. The cell will not work if it is reversed biased
                          2. Diodes
                            1. Led's
                              1. Ldr's
                                1. The ldr's need resistance or their will be too less resistance
                                  1. If the current is flowing against an led it won't work
                                    1. Ldr stands for Light dependent resistor
                                      1. Led stands for light emitting diode
                                        1. An ldr has high resistance in the light
                                          1. In the dark, an Ldr's resistance is low
                                            1. A SPDT has two switches which control two circuits
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