Junior Cert History

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Falonne Mb
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Junior Cert History
1 1.The work of Historians and Archeologists
1.1 Archaeologist on a dig


2 2.Early Ireland
2.1 A neolithic farmer
2.1.1 A Celtic farmer A monk in an early monastery
3 3.Life in Ancient Rome
3.1 A young person living in Rome
3.1.1 The Life Of a Slave
4 4.The Middle Ages
4.1 The Knight
4.1.1 Craftsmen And Guilds The lord and lady of the manor
5 5.The Renaissance
5.1 Michealanglo
5.1.1 Rembrandt
6 6.The Age Of Exploration
6.1 Christopher Columbus
7 7.The Reformation
7.1 Martin Luther
8 8.Plantations
8.1 A settler on a plantation
9 9.Revolutions
9.1 George Washington
10 10.Industrial Britain and Rural Ireland
10.1 A labourer during the Agricultural Revolution
10.1.1 Worker in a textile factory A person who left Ireland during the famine
11 12.Political Developments in Ireland 1900-1985
11.1 A named Political Leader

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