Activities for Road 50-1

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Activities for Road 50-1
  1. Site Establishment
    1. Materials and Machinery
      1. Electricity Service
        1. Access
          1. Safety
            1. Security
            2. Utilities
              1. Gutters
                1. Water Pipes
                  1. Electrical Conduits
                    1. Street Lights
                    2. Road Construction
                      1. Curb Stones
                        1. Sand and Gravel Layers
                          1. Surface Layers
                            1. Signs and Marking
                            2. Landscaping
                              1. Clean-up
                                1. Planting
                                2. Earthwork
                                  1. Leveling
                                    1. Vegetation Removal
                                      1. Cut & Filling
                                        1. Compaction
                                          1. Ditches aside
                                          2. Site and Task Evaluation
                                            1. Pre-inspection
                                              1. Post-inspection
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