3 - The Depression and Rise of Nazis

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3 - The Depression and Rise of Nazis
  1. In 1929 The American stock market crashed
    1. USA went into a massive economic depression which spread onto other countries
      1. Germany was particularly badly effected
        1. Asked Germany to repay the money they owed
          1. Economic collapse in Germany
            1. Buinesses went bankrupt, workers were laid off and unemployment rocketed
      2. Hitlers ideas now had spcial relevance
        1. Is the Weimar government indecisive? Then Germnay needs a stronger leader!
          1. Are reparations adding to Germany's problems? Then kick out the treaty of versailles
            1. Is unemplyment a problem? Let them join army, build armaments and be used for public work
            2. The Nazis 25 point programme was very attractive to those most vulnerable to the Depression - unemployed - middle class - elderly
              1. In 1930 election Nazis got 107 seats
                1. 1932 election they got nearly 200
                2. When Nazis were well established in power in Germany in the 1930s Goebbels created his own version of events of 1929-1933 that brought Hitler to power
                  1. In this version it was his destiny to lead Germany and German people finally came to recognise this
                  2. Nazi campaigning
                    1. Nazi campaign methods were modern and effective
                      1. Relied on generalised slogans instead of detailed policies
                        1. Posters and pamphlets found everywhere
                          1. Their rallies impressed people with their energy enthusiasm and sheer size
                          2. Talked about going back to traditional values
                            1. At this time there were frequent street battles between communists and the place however the SS and SA gave an impression of discipline and order
                              1. Hitler was the Nazis greatest campaigning asset
                                1. Hitler ran for president in 1932 and got 13 million votes to Hindenburgs 19 million
                                  1. Campaign raised his profile hugely
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