Stasiland Characters

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A mind map of the Stasiland characters

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Stasiland Characters
  1. Anna
    1. 30 years old, journalist living in Berlin; character of the book and interviews all the people mentioned
      1. The writer of Stasiland
      2. Miriam
        1. Enemy of the state at 16 years of age; investigating her husband's death
        2. Julia
          1. 30 year old loner, victimised by the Stasi. Raped in 1989
          2. Klaus
            1. Ageing rock start and heavy drinker
            2. Frau Paul
              1. Separated from her ill baby son by the Wall; imprisoned for helping students escape the GDR
                1. Tossten
                  1. Frau Paul's son
              2. Herr Winz
                1. Former Stasi employee; active member of the Insiderkomitee
                2. Herr Christian
                  1. Worked for the Stasi in border control and in monitoring communication; punished for not advising Stasi of his extramarital affair
                  2. Hagen Koch
                    1. Painted the line on which the Wall would be built; runs a 'Wall Archive' and bus tours of the Wall
                    2. Herr Bock
                      1. Former professor at the Stasi's training academy; specialist in recruiting informers
                      2. Herr Bohnsack
                        1. Former member of the Stasi's espionage unit; outed himself to local media
                        2. Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler
                          1. Former host of 'The Black Channel'
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