Poles migrating to the UK

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Advantages, disadvantages, pull and push factors of migration

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Poles migrating to the UK
  1. Push factors
    1. Underfunded health care system
      1. In 2004 1 in 5 workers was unemployed
        1. Refugees after World War 2
          1. Deprived areas and old buildings
            1. Poor job protection
              1. Less pay
              2. Age is 18-25 year olds
                1. Don't have a family
                  1. No-one to leave behind or take
                  2. Don't have a job
                  3. Pull factors
                    1. Good job protection
                      1. Can earn 5 times what they would normally
                        1. Health, education and welfare systems well funded
                          1. Regular budget airlines and coach companies operate frequent services between the countries
                            1. Work less hours for more money
                            2. Advantages
                              1. Growth in small businesses
                                1. Do jobs locals don't want to do
                                  1. For example process operatives
                                  2. More diverse culture
                                    1. They pay taxes and buy good and services
                                    2. Disadvantages
                                      1. Take locals' jobs
                                        1. Can claim the same benefits
                                          1. Unfair
                                          2. May end up in jail
                                            1. Expensive
                                            2. Schools and hospitals may not cope with large numbers
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