Teaching Singing: Key teaching points

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This mind map is a reference point for teachers to be aware of all the key teaching points when teaching students singing. This will help teachers evaluate where students are at and how to plan future teaching to further develop students skills

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Teaching Singing: Key teaching points
  1. Breathing
    1. Rhythm
      1. Pitch
        1. Choir practice once a week in primary school...."enhanced their (students') skills of listening, including growth of skills of pitch" (Heyning, 2010, p.67)
        2. Resonance
          1. Articulation
            1. Links to English - oral language skills
            2. Posture
              1. Phrasing
                1. Confidence
                  1. "Continuous practice and reinforcement of the introductory phrases were demonstrated by the teachers to the group and the more confident the children became in their own ability to sing, the better they pitched the first note and timing." (Whining, 2010, p.63)
                  2. Understanding the lyrics
                    1. Singing is storytelling, take the time to discuss the lyrics and what they mean in class
                      1. "Reading can be deemed as ‘fun’ when students combine the musicality of songs with word meanings." Geller (1984)
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