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This is a mindmap of the aspects of motivation in a teaching/learning environment

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  1. Behavioural
    1. Social Cognitive
      1. Intrinsic and Extrinsic
        1. Both essential and non-essential
        2. Expectancy
          1. Leaned helplessness; Am I capable of this?
            1. Deficit model
              1. Students become dependent on teacher for learning - as opposed to being constructors of their own learning
                1. Constructivism theory for learning; cognitive apprenticeships (scaffolding) are tools to help facilitate this.
              2. Value - is it valuable?
            2. Reinforcement (several forms)
              1. Attribution
                1. Personal value (linked to self esteem)
                2. Reward and Incentive
                  1. Goal setting
                    1. Although the only reward should be learning! :P
                    2. Non-essential - Extrinsic
                    3. Values
                      1. Beliefs
                      2. Cognitive
                        1. Personal
                          1. Curiosity
                            1. Self-Regulated Learning
                            2. Intrinsic
                              1. Social
                                1. Perceptions
                                  1. Needs
                                    1. Maslow's Heirarchy
                                    2. Socio-Cultural
                                      1. Legitimate Peripheral Participation
                                        1. Communal Participation
                                          1. Self Concept and self esteem
                                            1. Bandura's Triadic Reciprocal Causation: Affects how students learn - (behavioural, personal and environmental factors all work together and are affected by each other)
                                          2. Values of peers
                                            1. Builds interpersonal skills
                                            2. Humanist
                                              1. Choice
                                                  1. Empowerment to the student
                                                  2. Personal Growth
                                                    1. Self-Efficacy
                                                      1. Bandura; Self-efficacy reflects confidence in the ability to exert control over one's own motivation, behavior, and social environment.
                                                    2. Freedom
                                                      1. Selfefficacy
                                                        1. Essential/Intrinsic
                                                        2. Bandura's Triadic Reciprocal Causation (See socio-cultural)
                                                          1. Students are more motivated when these three factors are positive
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