Network Technicalities

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Network Technicalities
  1. Protocols
    1. A set of rules that cover data communications
      1. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol has become the de facto standard for data transmission over the internet
        1. Hosts are computer systems that are accessed remotely and hold data such as web servers
          1. TCP is concerned with the connections of hosts, not the nature of data
          2. Packets are collections of data forming part of a message (constructed according to rules laid down by the protocol)
            1. Contains standard fields like: protocol, checksum, total length, address, time to live, packet number, data
              1. IP is concerned with construction of packets
                1. Packet switching is when packets from a particular message take different routes according to availability and traffic conditions (forwarded from one router to the next) and assembled at the receiving end
                  1. Improves reliability if one route is down or congested, another can be found
              2. Adressing
                1. IP
                  1. MAC
                  2. Network security
                    1. The internet
                      1. Internet File Standards
                        1. ompression
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