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AQA English Exam
  1. Question 1
    1. Information retrieval or Collecting Facts
      1. Only on Source 1!
      2. 8 Marks
        1. 12 Minutes
          1. 6-8 Points
            1. Remember to add inference (Read in-between the lines)
              1. Make sure they are in order.
          2. Question asks you "What do you learn ..."
            1. Don't talk about the language.
              1. Only find facts relating to what the question asks. (Look at the whole question to look for what we need to find)
              2. Point Evidence
              3. Question 2
                1. Presentation Features
                  1. Headline Subheading Caption Image
                    1. Question normally asks for 2/3 of these listed.
                      1. Headline: Pick a word/phrase, explain and state effect. Identify a pun/joke, explain then state effect. Link to text using a short quote. Make 3/4 points on Headline.
                        1. Picture: Analyse the pictures colours, relations of features, theme/mood. Explain effect on every point. Link to the text using a small quote and explain link.
                          1. Caption: What techniques does it use? How does it interpret the picture? What does it add to our understanding of the picture and the whole text? Do same techniques as you did for headline. Also lnik to text and explain the effect on the reader.
                          2. Only on Source 2!
                          3. 8 Marks
                            1. 12 Minutes
                            2. Point Explain Effect Link
                              1. Question asks you "Explain how the ... are effective and how they link to the text"
                                1. Don't add content when describing each feature.
                                  1. Only look for specific words/phrase then explain its effect on the reader. Then link to the text content.
                                2. Question 3
                                  1. Thoughts and Feelings
                                    1. Only on Source 3!
                                      1. Get a balance of thoughts and feelings.
                                        1. Make inferences about thoughts and feelings.
                                        2. 8 Marks
                                          1. 12 Minutes
                                          2. Question asks you "Explain which parts... feeling or thoughts"
                                            1. Use the whole text.
                                              1. Look for how the feelings and thoughts change throughout the whole text.
                                                1. Consider "Actions" or the things the narrator does.
                                                  1. Don't analyse the language or layout!
                                                  2. Point Evidence
                                                  3. Question 4
                                                    1. Compare Language Techniques
                                                      1. Language features do not include content, punctuation, sentence length or layout.
                                                        1. You use 2 of the 3 sources given!
                                                          1. Some Language Features; Adverb, Verb Phrase, Emotive Language, Adjective, Noun Phrase, Statistics, Direct Address, First Person, Inclusive pronouns, repetition, superlatives, powerful verbs, visual imagery, alliteration.
                                                          2. 16 Marks
                                                            1. 24 Minutes
                                                            2. Question ask you "Compare the different ways..."
                                                              1. Show clear explanations of the effects of words and phrases.
                                                                1. Do 8 PEE Paragraphs to get all 16 Marks.
                                                                2. Source 1 Point Evidence Effect
                                                                  1. Source 2 Point Evidence Effect
                                                                3. Question 5
                                                                  1. Describing or Informing
                                                                    1. Be well organised in paragraphs.
                                                                      1. Check Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation and Sentence Structure
                                                                        1. Make your writing stand-out over other peoples'.
                                                                          1. Question normally talks about you writing something for a subject.
                                                                            1. PLAN FIRST!
                                                                          2. 16 Marks
                                                                            1. 24 Minutes
                                                                          3. Question 6
                                                                            1. Writing to Argue or Persuade
                                                                              1. Include Counter-Arguments
                                                                                1. Use DROPS to get higher marks.
                                                                                  1. D = Devices for example using Rhetorical Questions, Humor, Alliteration, Repetition, Statistics, Facts and Lists.
                                                                                    1. R = Range of Punctuation like using ! ; : ... , - ( ) . , ?
                                                                                      1. O = Opening and Closings. Use different starts and ends to each paragraph/sentence to grab the reader.
                                                                                        1. P = Passion/Voice. Use anger or knowledge or opinion to improve writing.
                                                                                          1. S = Short Sentences/One Word Paragraphs. This will give a shape and variation to your writing.
                                                                                            1. Worth 10 Marks
                                                                                          2. 24 Marks
                                                                                            1. 36 Minutes
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