Much ado mind map

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Theodore  Barclay
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Key Themes In much ado

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Much ado mind map
  1. Love
    1. Claudio+Hero
      1. Socio-economic factor
        1. "Is she Leonato's only heir?"
          1. "Is she a jewel that you would buy her?"
            1. jewel=metaphor effective money/work
            2. "There in the church will I shame her"
              1. "Rotten orange"
                1. Metaphor- apperance and reality
              2. Beatrice and Benedick
                1. "My lady Tongue
                  1. "You always end with a Jade's trick
                    1. I'd rather hear a dog bark at a cro w
                      1. A bird of my tongue is better than a beast of your's
                        1. Merry war
                          1. Horribly in love
                            1. Oxymoronic for effect
                        2. Appearance and reality
                          1. how do people perceive one another
                            1. Noting
                              1. Spying in the Elizabethan court
                                1. Shakespeare criticising
                              2. Elizabethan obsession with outward appearance
                                1. clothing language
                              3. Don John's deception of Claudio and Don Pedro. Boraccio woos Margaret in Hero's name
                                1. Your Hero, Leonarto's hero, every man's hero
                                  1. Claudio's Possesion
                                    1. Leonato's Daughter
                                      1. Patriachal society
                                    2. Implies not a virgin
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