Primary Inquiry

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4 Stages of Primary Inquiry

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Primary Inquiry
1 Stage 1: Exploring
1.1 Choosing a Topic
1.2 Create a Mind Map
1.2.1 Key Words and Ideas
1.2.2 Use prior knowledge
1.3 Think of questions that interest you
1.3.1 Who, What, Where, When, Why, How
1.3.2 The more variety the better
1.4 Conference with Teacher
2 Stage 2: Investigating
2.1 Finding Information
2.2 Search Books in the library
2.2.1 Is the information Relevant?
2.2.2 Look for key words
2.2.3 Is the information up to date?
2.3 Search Online
2.3.1 Are the sources relevat?
2.3.2 Look for key words
2.3.3 Look for pictures to support information
2.4 Conference with Teacher
2.5 Discuss information found with group
2.6 Refer to rubric
3 Stage 3: Processing
3.1 Organizing Information
3.1.1 Conference with Teacher
3.2 Summarize information in different ways
3.2.1 Chart Paper
3.2.2 Story Board
3.2.3 Smart Board
3.3 Use Graphic Organizers to show information
3.4 Revise inquiry based on information
3.4.1 Explain why revision was made
3.4.2 Did initial inquiry change?
3.5 Refer to rubric to ensure all criteria is met
4 Stage 4: Creating
4.1 Presenting Information
4.2 Decide on method to present findings
4.2.1 Oral
4.2.2 Written
4.2.3 Visual
4.2.4 Multimedia
4.3 Open Inquiry
4.3.1 Could the inquiry go on to other findings?
4.3.2 Did you find information in the investigation you would like to learn more about?
4.4 Reflect
4.4.1 What did you learn?
4.4.2 Do you still have questions?
4.4.3 Are you happy with the end result?
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