Growth of Secondary Sector (China)

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Growth of Secondary Sector (China)
  1. Estimated that by 2013 Secondary Industry would be $5571 trillion
    1. In recent years many TNC's have comes to China,more changes in society communism-capitalist
      1. China produces 50% of clothes; 2 thirds of photocopiers and 1 third of mobiles
      2. Factors of China's industrial explosion
        1. political move = communism to capitalist
          1. global demand for cheap manufactured goods
            1. Investment by foreign comapanies (TNC's)
              1. few regulations to hinder industrial growth
                1. large labor force (cheap&skilled)
                  1. estimated that 500,000 million will leave China's country side in search of work in next 2 decades
                  2. natural resources (energy, hydroelectric power)
                  3. Benefits
                    1. governments recognised problems and have set targets
                      1. 10% energy generated will be renewable by 2010
                        1. 16% energy generated will be renewable by 2016
                        2. reduce energy consumption by 20%
                          1. $172 billion on enviromental protection
                            1. Improved working conditions for some
                              1. Rising income with higher standard of living
                                1. more jobs avaliable
                                  1. $47 billion on waste water treatment
                                  2. Problems...
                                    1. China would get polluted related diseases and cause deaths
                                      1. widening gap between rich &poor
                                        1. Natural resources may run out
                                          1. 75% of china's energy will still be produced from coal
                                            1. 760,000 deaths per year from air and water pollution
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