Pliny the Elder Characteristics

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Pliny the Elder characteristics from Life and Death of Pliny the Elder. GCSE Latin

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Pliny the Elder Characteristics
1 insatiable curiosity
1.1 actively wants to find out
1.2 seizes every oppurtunity
2 brave/ fearless
2.1 Goes against the advise of the helmsman
2.1.1 strictly follows wise words
3 Calm even in chaos
3.1 takes a bath
3.1.1 'iubet ferri in balineum.' then he gave orders to be taken for a bath.
3.2 sleeps whilst everyone else is worrying
3.2.1 'Pomponiano ceterisque qui pervigilaverant reddit.' Pomponianus and the others who had stayed awake all night
3.3 twists truth to calm others
3.3.1 'in remedium formidinis dictitabat ignes agrestium trepidatione relictos desertque villas per solitudinem ardere.' To counter the terror my uncle kept saying that the fires had been left by the country folk in their panic and that the deserted villas were burning in the abandoned areas.'
3.4 helps calm Pomponianus' nerves
3.4.1 'amplectitur trepidantem consolatur hortatur, utque eius sua securitate leniret' embraced his friend, cheered him and encouraged him, with the result that he calmed his fear by means of his own composure.'
4 Selfless
4.1 goes to help everyone
4.1.1 'deducit quadriremes,. ascendit ipse non Rectinae modo sed multis...' He had warships launched, he himself embarked not only intending to bring help to Rectina but to many others too...'
5 Very studious
5.1 literally his only hobby is studying
6 Manages time/ Busy person
6.1 creature of habit
6.1.1 extended day with constant reference to studying through polyptoton. 'adnotabat', 'adnotabatur' 'excerpebatque', 'excerperet'
7 Educated culturally
7.1 refers to wise words
7.1.1 'fortes,' inquit, 'fortuna adiuvat: Pomponianum pete!' 'Fortune favours the brave. Make for Pomponianus!' Direct Speech Uncle brought to life highlights importance of words
7.2 eats as per the custom of his forefathers
7.2.1 'post cibum (qui veterum more interdiu levis et facilis erat...)' 'after a meal (which in the custom of his forefathers would be light and easily digested and taken during the day.'..
8 Important leader
8.1 Advisor of Vespasian
8.1.1 'ibat ad Vespasianum imperatorem' he used to go to Vespasian the emperor
8.1.2 'deinde ad officium sibi delegatum' then he would carry out the duties he had been assigned with.
8.2 Trusted by the people
8.2.1 'accipit codicillos Rectinae Tasci' he received a note from Rectina, the wife of Tascius trusted to be asked for help
8.2.2 Never gives up 'Pomponianum pete!' Make for Pomponianus
8.3 Helps people
8.3.1 'amplectitur trepidantem consolatur hortatur' embraced his trembling friend, cheered him and encouraged him,'
8.3.2 'in remedium formidinis dictitabat...' 'To counter the terror he kept saying...' helping people cope with the situation Clever lie told because the land near Vesuvius frequently caught fire because the land was so fertile.
9 Wealthy
9.1 Owns slaves that can read and write
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