Legal Theories

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Legal Theories
  1. Natural Law
    1. measured against external code
      1. subordinate to morality
        1. law is found in the nature of people/world
          1. lives on through human rights
          2. Legal Positivism
            1. source of law is significant
              1. law ≠ morality
                1. respect the legitimacy of the law maker
                2. Legal Realism
                  1. law isnt logical
                    1. law + facts = judgments
                      1. law takes sides
                      2. Critical Legal Studies
                        1. law is not neutral or value free
                          1. used by dominator to remain powerful
                          2. TWAIL
                            1. maintains 1st world problems
                              1. oppression at international level
                              2. Feminist Legal Theories
                                1. law is a blind maiden
                                  1. law is not equal
                                    1. law protects certain rights
                                    2. Tikanga Maori
                                      1. law is not neutral
                                        1. all things that determine conduct
                                          1. right and proper way
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