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Describes theories and processes utilized in the classroom for ELL students.

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    1. Ferdinand de Saussure
      1. Language is a system.
        1. Role in unit depends on role in overall structure.
          1. Signifier + Signified
            1. Make connections between to form ideas.
            2. Work with students using flashcards with text and pictures to help them connect words with objects.
              1. Goal is for students to connect word with image when they see it written in their texts and writings.
            3. UNIVERSAL GRAMMAR
              1. All languages are built on the same building blocks; all languages have the same components, they are just utilized different ways.
                1. We are born with the ability to learn grammar.
                2. Noam Chomsky
                  1. Grammar should be taught in a way that makes students understand a word's role in a sentence.
                    1. Teacher's should consider what knowledge the ELL student is bringing to the table already with their native language.
                  2. BICS vs. CALP
                    1. Jim Cummins
                      1. There's a difference between conversational fluency and academic fluency.
                        1. ELA students learn BICS quicker than CALP.
                          1. Academic proficiency takes up to 5 years for the ELL student to achieve.
                          2. Students need to be exposed to academic language in the classroom.
                            1. Teachers should encourage independent reading and writing.
                              1. Expose students to academic texts to introduce them academic language and grammar.
                            2. INPUT HYPOTHESIS
                              1. Stephen Krashen
                                1. We all acquire language the same way, through messages. Comprehensible input allows us understand a new language.
                                  1. Just talking to a student in a different language or repeating words will not result in a language being learned.
                                  2. Using visuals with labels in the classroom as well as pointing to items and reciting their names will help students make the connection between words and what they stand for.
                                  3. BLOOM'S TAXONOMY
                                    1. Benjamin Bloom
                                      1. Represents different levels of learning objectives teachers strive for their students to achieve.
                                        1. ELL students should be asked questions on all levels to engage critical thinking skills.
                                          1. Teachers should expect ELL students to do more than repeat information back to them.
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