EDTE251 Ideas of Activities for Different Strands

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EDTE251 Ideas of Activities for Different Strands
  1. Number and Algebra Activities
    1. Counting+ Addition + Subtraction
      1. one-to-one correspondence
        1. e.g. objects on a page
        2. ordinal numbers
          1. placement in a race
          2. Subitising
            1. groups of numbers, "friends of ten"
            2. Part-part-whole
              1. equations, partitioning using number ENL and friends of ten
              2. use of blocks- ten frames-> bundles-> unit cubes -> tens -> hundreds -> thousands
                1. 100s charts- masked and unmasked
                  1. Number Lines- Empty, Semi-Structured, Structured
                    1. Partitioning Numbers
                      1. Split Strategy
                        1. Jump and Split- Forwards and Backwards
                          1. Compensation
                        2. Place Value Activities
                          1. hundreds charts
                            1. plastic cups with hidden zeros
                            2. Fractions and Decimals Activities
                              1. HALVES= two equal pieces
                                1. cutting commonly known objects and groups of items e.g. fruit, cake, line of stars
                                  1. finding out why items aren't cut into halves
                                  2. QUARTERS= dividing something into four equal pieces
                                    1. think about common applications- time, object (cake?), cup of water etc
                                      1. cutting objects or collections into quarters, identifying which ones aren't in quarters
                                      2. 3 Models of Fractions
                                        1. Continuous Model- Linear
                                          1. Continuous Model- Area
                                            1. Discrete Model--> collection?
                                            2. Fraction Wall - determine the relationship of fraction size (equivalence)
                                              1. Clothes Line- Ordering numbers with pegs
                                                1. use diagrams to calculate (adding and subtracting) different fractions
                                              2. Measurement and Geometry Activities
                                                1. (Open activities are better as it promotes exploration)
                                                  1. Drawing mirror images
                                                    1. Images and descriptions of the 3D images and their nets (e.g. cube, pyramid)
                                                      1. research and find the weight/ length of objects or animals. Students can plot the information on table and analyse results
                                                        1. REMEMBER: can relate these tasks with with other KLAs
                                                      2. Statistics and Probability Activities
                                                        1. DATA
                                                          1. Data Collection, Putting data in graph, Analysing the Information
                                                            1. Need to progressively teach students to label the table, label the axis, and how to plot information
                                                            2. e.g. collecting data about who attends childcare and on what days, birthdays of students in the class
                                                              1. Sorting out things and working how many of the same types are there
                                                                1. teach students act of surveying
                                                                2. CHANCE
                                                                  1. workout the likelihood of events occurring- e.g. unlikely, might happen, likely, very likely
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