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  1. Fishes
      1. Body of the fish is covered in scales
        1. They have fins
          1. Breathe using gills
            1. External fertilization
          2. Reptiles
              1. Female lays soft-shelled eggs
                1. Body is covered in hard scales
                  1. Live on land
                    1. They breath using lungs
                      1. Internal fertilization
                    2. Amphibians
                        1. Skin is very thin and must always be kept wet
                          1. The do have lungs
                            1. Fertilization of the eggs is external
                              1. The eggs are covered with jelly to protect them
                                1. The larvae are aquatic
                                  1. Adult amphibians live on land
                                2. Birds
                                    1. Bodies covered with feathers
                                      1. Do not have teeth but use their beaks to eat their food
                                        1. Front limbs are adapted as wings
                                          1. Breathe using lungs
                                            1. Fertilization is internal and the females lay eggs
                                              1. Incubate their eggs until the eggs hatch
                                            2. Mammals
                                                1. Body covering of either hair or fur
                                                  1. Breathe using lungs
                                                    1. Fertilization is internal
                                                      1. Females feed their young with milk
                                                        1. Viviparous
                                                          1. Offspring are kept inside the female's body and feed through a placenta.
                                                          2. Largest mammal
                                                            1. Blue whale
                                                              1. 33,6 metres , 190 tonnes
                                                              2. Smallest mammal
                                                                1. bumble bee bat.
                                                                  1. 2 grammes and a wingspan of 16 cm
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