Initial Ideas

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Initial ideas for A2 media studies

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Initial Ideas
  1. music video
    1. Indie rock
      1. Arctic Monkeys
        1. The Kooks
          1. The Killers
            1. Oasis
              1. Potential target audience - 16/17 years old
            2. Stereotypes of indie rock music videos
              1. Heavily feature the band playing music
                1. B&W colour/tinted filter
                  1. Symbolism
                    1. symbolism of heartbreak
                      1. symbolism of love
                        1. symbolism of teens/youth culture/stereotypes
                          1. we will analyse the lyrics of the song to create symbols that make links between the lyrics and the visuals - this links to theory
                          2. sensitive narrative
                          3. Shot ideas
                            1. Shots of moving clouds
                              1. Moving traffic - congestion, busy
                                1. Shots of artist singing, playing by the fire
                                  1. Mostly shot outside to make the setting look naturalistic - not staged
                                  2. Lewis Watson - Calling
                                    1. 2 main characters to narrate
                                      1. girl and boy
                                        1. girl has a sense of mischief and aura about her, boy is the one chasing her
                                          1. boy could walk along empty streets with his guitar
                                          2. Story telling narrative throughout the video
                                            1. Narrative could follow a story of the teens to represent youth culture
                                          3. Mise-en-scene
                                            1. cider can
                                              1. smoking
                                                1. drugs
                                                2. youth culture
                                                  1. mise-en-scene to correlate to conventions of the genre
                                                  2. garages
                                                    1. urban
                                                      1. boy playing the guitar
                                                      2. graffiti
                                                      3. film in a city/town
                                                        1. open area - panning shots and natural lighting
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