Gas Station Location: At the begining of the "Ruta Viva" highway (outside of the city, near a toll)


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Gas Station Location: At the begining of the "Ruta Viva" highway (outside of the city, near a toll)
  1. Infrastructure: A gas station ocupies a lot of space, because it gives its services not only to cars but to big trailers too.
    1. Type of land: A gas station needs a very good land to pass the pipelines under the ground
      1. Suppliers: We didn't locate the gas station to far away from the city for the suppliers to arrive easily from the refinery
        1. Competition: There is not much competition outside the city
          1. Costs: The land outside the city is cheaper, and it will be easier to find someone who can build the gas station
            1. Taxes and Goverment: The goverment is less straight with the security rules because you are not located in an urban area, so it is less dangerous.
              1. Market: As it is not far from the city, it will be easier for the drivers who work at the city too load gasoline. The drivers who are going to travel can load gasoline there to as it will be located on a highway.
                1. Inertia: As it is located near a toll the cars will go slower and have more time to decide to go to the gas station. Besides, if we have an agreement with a fast food company, the clients will be more intersted in going to the gas station.
                  1. Labour pool: The gas station is located near the city so high quality employes can get there easily
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