ESL general ideas

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general ESl ideas.

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ESL general ideas
  1. Lollipop sticks
    1. Write nouns, adjectives and verbs on them
      1. Each child takes a share and has to put them into the correctly labeled pot
        1. They then take one from each and find it in the text of the day
        2. Use verbs and nouns: Each child takes one and has to find the item or act the item or verb
          1. Each child takes a set and makes a short story with them (verbally or written)
            1. Match to pictures for younger children
          2. Days of the week
            1. Today is, yesterday was, tomorrow will be on the board with stick on days of the week
              1. Get one child to fill it in every day
            2. Words with dots under them to show stress
              1. Put these on the wall
                1. Put them on flashcards that the children carry round for sight words
                  1. When they finish work they can copy them out into their spelling book
                2. Shapes and colours
                  1. Big simple pictures in bold shapes
                    1. Instructions: colour all squares red, colour all triangles green etc
                    2. Robot theme
                      1. Put up sentences: "I am a blue apple" etc, and a bag of apples in different colours to stick in the right places
                        1. Snakes with toilet rolls in different colours
                          1. making one like another picture?
                            1. "My snake is red, yellow, blue, pink, purple" do it together as a group, each child has to come to the front and name all the colours, then add one
                        2. Letters and writing
                          1. Salt/sand letter writing for tactile learning
                            1. Balloon letter style words, colour in the letter we are looking for
                              1. making words with playdough
                                1. Find magnetic letters hidden in the classroom, put them on the board under their written versions.
                                  1. Use them to make words
                                    1. Can use all letters of alphabet OR specific letters and use for anograms
                                  2. to have
                                    1. I have... who has? Game
                                      1. Go fish
                                      2. Reading Catepillar
                                        1. Every time we read a book, put a copy of the cover and the key words we took from it. If we have enough room we can also do 'I like it because'.
                                        2. Animals
                                          1. "I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet"
                                            1. lesson after animal descriptions
                                              1. Each child gets a card that describes the animal that they were sent
                                                1. They have to draw it and write about the animal
                                          2. Communication words ring
                                            1. Can I go to the toilet, I would like some water, I feel ill, I don't understand, I need help
                                            2. Numbers
                                              1. Number words:
                                                1. poster with the number words with locks by each number. Keys with keyrings attached with numbers and dots.
                                                  1. Children have to try to 'open' the numbers.
                                                    1. Reward?
                                              2. Faces/body types
                                                1. ice cookies with instructions on people
                                                  1. collages following instructions
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