Dream Big

Lacey Stahura
Mind Map by Lacey Stahura, updated more than 1 year ago
Lacey Stahura
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Dream Big
  1. Character
    1. how do i want to see myself
      1. confident with myself
        1. i want to see myself being more positive
          1. As happy as i possibly can be
            1. healthy
              1. enjoying life to the fullest
              2. who i want to be and how i want to be seen
                1. someone who people can trust in
                  1. someone who makes people enjoy themselves
                    1. someone who can handle themselves
                      1. someone who makes people laugh
                        1. someone who supports those in their life
                        2. what values will people recognise in me
                          1. courage
                            1. leadership
                              1. humor
                                1. compassion
                                  1. reliable
                                    1. independent
                                  2. Future Dreams
                                    1. career options
                                      1. to open my own bar and bistro
                                        1. photography
                                          1. make up artist
                                            1. Music Producer
                                            2. Places to Travel
                                              1. venice
                                                1. Greece
                                                  1. Paris
                                                    1. japan
                                                      1. New York
                                                    2. What I definetley want in the future
                                                      1. to have a good family relationships
                                                        1. to find the right person for me
                                                          1. to be surrounded by people i love
                                                            1. to keep al friendships in tact throughout life
                                                              1. to be independent
                                                                1. to learn more about myself
                                                                  1. to be happy
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