Episode 3

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Episode 3
  1. Aimee
    1. She is writing a presentation about her new business idea.
      1. She's going to go into workplaces and charge employees for handling a pet of their choice.
        1. She has researched it and found out that pets in the workplace are good for productivity.
          1. Aimee's been looking at prices of flats
          2. Malakai
            1. Aimee tells him about her business idea.
              1. He reads through Aimee's presentation.
                1. He thinks it is good but that it jumps around a bit.
              2. Jessica
                1. She questions Aimee about her business idea and thinks it's amazing.
                  1. She wants the new flat to be closer to work.
                    1. Amy thinks they can get one that is not too expensive.
                    2. At the end she is mad at Malakai for upsetting Aimee.
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