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A mind map about population

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  1. China
    1. OCP
      1. The family planning policy is a population control policy in China.
        1. It was introduced to slow population growth in china.
          1. Despite this the population in china has continued to grow, and the policy has been relaxed despite this.
        2. Migration Types
          1. Internal Migration
            1. Moving areas within a country.
            2. External Migration
              1. Moving within a union or continent.
              2. International Migration
                1. Moving continents
                2. Immigration
                  1. Moving into a country
                  2. Emigration
                    1. Moving out of a country
                    2. Ilegal
                      1. Migrating without a visa
                      2. Legal
                        1. Migrating with a visa.
                        2. Asylum Seekers
                          1. People looking for somewhere else t stay due to war or political unrest
                          2. Refugees
                            1. People forced out of a country due to war or political unrest
                          3. USA and mexico
                            1. Mexicans are vastly poor and see america as the golden light to earn them money. They cannot get a visa to work there so many cross over the boarder illegally. The only place they can cross with ease is in the desert, which is dangerous and many die from the journey.
                            2. The Mediterranean
                              1. Immigrants from Libya to seek help. They crowd on small boats in hundreds and sail across the non tidal ocean. Many land in Malta, Greece and Italy, but some sink the ocean.
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