Philosophy - B601/2 - Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

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Mind Map on Philosophy - B601/2 - Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, created by xKathrynTx on 06/10/2015.

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Philosophy - B601/2 - Heaven, Hell and Purgatory
  1. Heaven
    1. Those who have followed God's way on earth and have not sinned will go to Heaven
      1. A place free of suffering where they will spend eternity with God
        1. Sinners who repent can enter Heaven
          1. 'There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain' - Revelations 21:4
            1. The home of God and the angels where good people go after death
            2. Hell
              1. Eternal Place without God
                1. Many pieces of art in the Medieval Times depicted a frightening image of Hell with fire, pain and eternal suffering
                  1. The idea of Hell was often used to try and get people to be morally good and follow the teachings of Christianity
                    1. Some Christians see Hell as an idea where at the point of death, the body and soul no longer exist
                    2. Purgatory
                      1. Roman Catholic belief
                        1. Souls go here who have died but are not yet ready to go to Heaven
                          1. It was common in the Middle ages for people to leave money for prayers to be said after their death to decrease their stay in purgatory
                          2. The Soul
                            1. Regarded as the non-physical part of a person
                              1. Often used to refer to someone's mind, personality, or emotional being
                                1. The soul is seen as the part of a person that makes them unique
                                  1. The soul is eternal and doesn't die
                                    1. Monotheism
                                      1. The Body and the Soul are one
                                      2. Dualism
                                        1. The Body and the Soul are both separate
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