How to serve in tennis

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How to serve in tennis

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How to serve in tennis
  1. Where do you put your fingers
    1. what are differn't techniques
      1. not really techniques but hold it right around the ball
      2. how fast should i throw it
        1. where do i put my feet
          1. week side foot in foot strong side foot for follow through
            1. what do i look at
              1. where do i go after i hit the ball
                1. how high should i throw the ball
                  1. 18 in
                  2. the white line in front
                  3. the ball
                2. how should i follow through
                  1. how do i hold the ball
                    1. how are you not supossed to hold the ball
                      1. like dont hold it with your palm
                      2. around the laces thumb one the left
                      3. twards where u through it
                      4. just depends how fast should i through it
                      5. around the black laces of thr racked
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