Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf

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the use of drugs and alcohol in the book Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf

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Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf
  1. drugs and alcohol on the play
    1. How is alcoholism a form of illusion?
      1. "Martha: we take our tears, and we put 'em in the icebox, in the goddamn ice trays[…]until they're frozen[…]and then…we put them…in our…drinks. "
        1. Here's quite a poignant metaphor for drowning sorrows in alcohol.
        2. illusion? to escape from what?
          1. political problems.
            1. cuban misiles crisis.
              1. people didn't knew when was their last day alive
            2. Is George an alcoholic along with his wife?
              1. "Nick: May I leave me drink here? George: Yeah…sure…why not? We've got half-filled glasses everywhere in the house, wherever Martha forgets she's left them…in the linen closet, on the edge of the bathtub…I even found one in the freezer, once."
                1. Is Martha's alcoholism as out of control as George describes?
              2. Does George gain power by making Martha's drinks or is he being submissive?
                1. "Martha: Make me another drink…lover. George: My God, you can swill it down, can't you?"
                  1. This is the first of George's many jabs at Martha's alcoholism. If he has such a big problem with it, why does he always make her drinks?
              3. George
                1. Martha
                  1. honey
                    1. Nick


                      • cuanta facha nick eh!
                      1. As seen on this presentation. characters in Who's afraid of virginia wolf consume alcohol to escape from unconfortable situations or from the horrible life of the american citizen on the 60's
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