Themes of Who´s afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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Themes of Who´s afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  1. Vision of america
    1. Reflection of the 1960s
      1. The play was first performed during the early 1960s.
        1. During those years the Cold War had al reay started.
          1. The play represents the tension generated by th War.
      2. The american Dream
        1. George and Martha are not an example of it.
          1. Theres is no equality, there is always one of them in control.
        2. The war represanted it self.
          1. This metaphor is very clear.
            1. Because, one character, as in every war, is in conrol.
              1. they are constantly sneding attacks to each other.
          2. Power
            1. Character´s tactics
              1. Martha and George constantly humiliate and ridiculize each other
                1. One example is when Martha retells the anecdote where she punches George
              2. Is George able to maintain his power?
                1. As a matter of fact, George is the most powerful character. But for some reason he allows Martha to have the power, but when she reveals the baby lie he gets furious and he consequently unleashes a storm of controversial revelations
                2. Nick and Honey´s power dynamic.
                  1. As everyone knows, Honey is quite naive
                    1. For this reason she needs a man by her side. She is also alongside Nick because she does not want to feel lonely
                    2. Nick is mostly interested in Honey's money
                      1. Nick married Honey due to a hysterical pregnancy
                    3. George and Martha are constantly fighting for power
                      1. This fight is ametaphor for the ongoing cold war
                    4. Marriage
                      1. Bonds
                        1. By the end of the play, Georges and marthas relationship actually seems more promising than nicks and honey
                          1. The play finishes with martha and george having a real talk telling their fellings, Thats why, i think, thay they relationship may continue. A bit moer civilized that up to this potin
                          2. Flaws
                            1. Nicks and Honeys marriage isnt as perfect as it seems at the begining
                              1. During the play it is portraited the flaws their marriage have
                                1. Honey constantly gets angry at Nick as he tells her to shut up repetidly
                                  1. Nick really married her because she told him they were expecting a baby ( Didnt happen )
                                    1. Nick cant stand homey as she isnt a clever women
                                2. Hate & Love
                                  1. Marthas and Georges relatrionship is a complicated one
                                    1. They are together although they cant stand being near each other; They been fighting through out the years depicting they clearly hate each other. Although, this also shows thay they need and love each other and thats why they stay together, deep down beneath all the mean things they say to each other love is found.
                                  2. Similarities and Diferences
                                    1. Also, both marriages differ in some points
                                      1. They also differ in the reasons they got married
                                        1. Although they have things in common, they differ on age
                                          1. As most of the flaws are shown, we can say that they arent the same between wifes
                                            1. Honey has a severe problem that includes barfing after drinking while martha is that she cant stop talking, bothering and wanting attention
                                          2. Both marriages have more things in common than we imagine
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