Ethics 201

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Ethics 201
1 Understanding Ethics
1.1 Ethical behaviours is which is accepted as good or bad
1.1.1 Factor that contribute is the family influence, religious views, personal standards, personal needs. government laws, norms and values of society, and competion in the industry.
1.2 because something is legal doesnt make it ethical
1.3 utiltarian view - greatest good to the greatest amount of people individualism- service the self interst of the individual
1.4 Ethical delmma occurs when one person must choose a behviour
1.4.1 Rationalisation include conviencing yourself the behviour is illegal, that it is in everyone best interest, no one will find out, thinking the employer will protect you.
1.5 value systems - set of personal principles formalized into a code of behaviour
1.6 golden rule- do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
1.7 lawerence - preconventional, concentional and postconventional
2 business ethics
2.1 code of ethics- a written statement of an organisations values and ethical principle which guides the behavour in situations
2.1.1 mission, values and principles
2.2 approachable in 2 way 1. descriptive- documentaiton of what happening. 2. normative - what should happen
2.3 Ethical dilemma- end based- greatest good for the greatest amount of people. rule based - what would happen if everyone made the same decision, and the golden rule- would you do it to yourself
3 organisational ethics
3.1 organisational culture - values, beleives and norms that all employees of that organisation share.
3.2 value chain- turning inputs into outputs
4.1 obligaiton of the organisation to act in way that services the shareholders and society.
4.2 Views on CSR - CLASSICAL VIEW - they beleive they only have a responbility to the shareholders. SOCIOECONOMIC - Concerned with the broader social welfare as well as the profit to the shareholders.
4.3 5 driving forces - 1. transprancey 2. knowledge 3. sustainablity 4. globalization 5. failure of the public sector
4.4 comply or else- receive financial penalities who dont obeyed set of rules .
4.5 CRAFTED - Consistency Responsbility Accountabiltiy Fairness Transpency and effectivness is deployed throughout the organisation
5 Corporate governance
5.1 process by which organisation are directed and controlled
5.2 the audit commitee- overseas financial reporting process
5.3 compensation - oversees packages for senior executive
6 Whistle Blowing
6.1 is a person that exposes the misddeed of other in organisation to perserve ethical standards and protect against wasteful, harmful, or illegal acts.
6.2 you can have internal and external whistleblowing. Internal - whistleblow to someone in the organisation. External - they whistleblow to someone outside the company such as law enforcement agencies.
6.3 people may do this because of moral or integrity. it can also be used as revenge
7 Diversity and discrimination
8 can be defined as a set of moral princples it guides the behaviour of a group
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