Moral Concepts

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Moral concepts

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Moral Concepts
1 Religious Morality
1.1 Antigone has the wish to bury his brother mostly from the belief that the Gods would punish her or Tebas if the body was left behind unburied. She felt she had the duty to fulfiill.
1.1.1 There are also hints of absolutism that come from the will of God, who rule with non-written laws that must be followed by the citizens.
2 Utilitarianism
2.1 Creon uses this teleological morality because he cares about the beneficial results that will come from leaving Polyneices' dead body. In his way he also looks at Antigone's act as a little mishap that won't affect his goal in any way.
3 Ethical Egoism
3.1 Creon's part in the argument develops in the way that he wants to be taken as the highest authority in Tebas, and so, he wants his commands to be obeyed selfishly even putting his son's happiness and stability of his family and kingdom aside.
4 Nonconcequentialism
4.1 Antigone acted over her brother's body knowing that she would be punished by Creon, but nevertheless, she cared more about honoring her fallen brother and the Gods, before thinking about what would happen in the end.
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