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Crow Country (Real One)
  1. 1. The time of the book is that it is in the present day, because it mentions television and cars. The book is set in a dry place, Boort, near Melbourne.
    1. 2. The main character in the book is a girl named Sadie, but her actual name is Saturday, because that was the day that she was born on. Sadie was in secondary school, Year 7. She originally came from Melbourne, but her mum loved Boort so much that they moved there. Sadie talks back to her mum quite a bit and isn't one of those out there kind of kids. She likes to adventure and seems fearless. She keeps to herself and doesn't like to draw attention to herself. Sadie's dad left Sadie and her mum, Ellie, so just Sadie and Ellie lived together in Boort in the same house. My impression of Sadie is that she's a nature lover, but is quite hard to make friends with.
      1. 3. One of the minor characters in the book is Ellie, Sadie's mum. Ellie has long, fair hair and green eyes. Ellie seems like the out there, crazy kind of people that there are. She hates fighting with Sadie, and takes care of Sadie quite well. Ellie split up from her husband. She used to live in Melbourne, but moved to Boort because she loves it there. Ellie worked as a nurse in Melbourne, and works as a nurse at the local hospital in Boort. Ellie is important to the book, because she is Sadie's mum, and Sadie is the main character. Ellie might also split up important events that Sadie is about to encounter, like if Sadie is trying to solve a mystery about the crow, Ellie might break up the intensity of the story and give you a bit of a break.
        1. 4. Sadie and Ellie's relationship is quite a normal mother-daughter relationship. They go to places together and bond. They take the time to talk nicely to each other and respect one another. They went through a lot together, when Ellie's husband left. Their relationship with each other is strong, even though they fight. Even when they fight, they resolve the argument. Their relationship is significant to the book, because it explains a lot about Sadie, the main character, in the sense of her past and how she might be the way she is.
          1. 5. One important event that occurred in Crow Country was when Sadie acknowledged the crow. If Sadie didn't acknowledge the crow, nothing abnormal would've occurred that Sadie hadn't realised. This is what carries the story of Crow Country. This is important for the characters, because it's what creates the drama and mystery. It's also important to the ideas of the book, because that's hat the book is about- what it revolves around.
            1. 6. My feelings and thoughts on the novel based on one or more specific things that I have read about, are that the novel will be interesting in the sense that there will be lots of mystery, which produces adrenaline.
              1. 7. One behaviour that relates to real life that's in the book, is the behaviour that Sadie shows towards her mum. Sadie was upset when her mum moved to Boort without her opinion, and most children would be upset if they moved out of the random without a say.
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