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Notes from the kick-off Hive Los Angeles meeting on June 13, 2015

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LA Hive
1 Potential Partnerships
1.1 ACE Mentorship (Architecture, Engineering, Construction)
1.2 4.0 schools -
1.3 The Jetspace @Locke High School -
1.4 Los Angeles Public Library - 73 branches = 73 meeting spaces, -75 teen librarians, 75 children's librarians
1.5 San Diego Library
1.6 Talk Soup
1.7 Nickelodeon
1.8 USC
2 Projects
2.1 Lets open a Robot Petting Zoo where the pets are made by youth and adults and the public comes to feed and pet the robots. ie.
2.2 Create an online community of ed-game designers and teachers storefront-forums-gurdes
2.3 Lets build a community-built haunted house. Like Oh! And let's make this haunted house an escape-the-room haunted house
2.4 Run an LA #Makerparty in Summer 2015
2.5 A Maker Truck that visits schools (like a Spark Truck)
2.6 I want to expand gaming literacy among the general populace (esp. under-served communities) to increase agency, social mobility and story sharing for empathy.
2.7 Utilize existing games to build educational experiences
2.8 Access to game-based schools
2.9 Digital Citizenship, DIgital Literacy Resources and Professional Development
3 School-Hive Connection
3.1 Project ideas (opportunities) for students at Venice High School
3.2 Get USA back to top 3 on PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment )
3.3 Align to evolve school's/teacher's assessment metrics
3.4 To be able to incorporate innovative learning into LAUSD or get away from it (dive into the frindge?!)
3.5 A clear way for teachers and students to participate in the Hive
4 Location
4.1 To be in the loop! :) (San Fernando Valley is still LA, right? ;) )
4.2 Ways for our kids/teens to overcome transportation gap to participate
4.3 Is there a place for these amazing things to happen in the San Fernado Valley? If not, I can tech it out and help virtually.
4.4 Find a better location for meetings where the commute isn't as bad. (LA Traffic)
5 Vision
5.1 An articulated shared vision
5.2 Resources to know: Who Hive members are, what they do, what drives them, what they hope to do
5.3 Cool educators to hang w/ and make things with
5.4 Connecting similar orgs w/ one another so they aren't going after the same resources
5.5 Create a learning hub in the city that people can interact with and share ideas at
5.6 Hold an open (public) community call to invite orgs from LA to talk about what they are working on and what they need help with.
5.7 A strong Youth presence & youth voice - Hive youth meetup
5.8 Design-based curriculum
5.9 VR for Education
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