Class talk

Zrinka Krivosic
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Zrinka Krivosic
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Class talk

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Class talk
  1. Meaning-focused Talk
    1. Form-Focused Talk
    2. Facilitating Second Language Learning
      1. Comprihensible Input
        1. Comprehensable Output
          1. Stretched/Pushed Language
            1. Negotiation of Meaning
              1. Models of Approprite Language
                1. Well developed Mother Tongue
                2. Classroom strategies
                  1. Extending the IRF exchange
                    1. Time to Think
                      1. Appropriating and Recasting
                        1. Literate Talk
                          1. Making resoning explicit
                          2. Activities
                            1. Thinking Sheet
                              1. Jigsaw group
                                1. Paired Problem Solving
                                  1. Find the Difference
                                    1. Word-Picture Matching
                                      1. Enquiry and Elimination
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