ASOS' Competitive factors

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ASOS' competitive factors

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ASOS' Competitive factors
  1. Social/Cultural
    1. Magazines eg.. Marie clare, vogue, glamour and red.
      1. Advertising is key for asos to keep ahead of their customers.
      2. Social Media
        1. ASOS use social media like Twitter/Instagram/Facebook to keep in touch with their customers throughout the whole transaction.
          1. ASOS can monitor who else's brands their customers are following/ liking
      3. Technological/innovation
        1. Apps
          1. Android/ iphone
            1. Digital magazines
              1. Multiple channels to work from through the magazine and website.
              2. Social media
                1. ASOS use Twitter/Instagram/Facebook to ensure their customer is kept up to date with all the new things happening within the company.
              3. ASOS use style, beauty, celebrities, music and TV to entertain our customers. This is through high quality blogs and editorial magazines.
                1. First fashion retailer to do a moving catwalk
                2. Environmental
                  1. Weather and natural disasters can affect the rate of production
                    1. Factory fires and transport difficulties can delay delivery
                      1. ASOS need to ensure a smooth next day delivery to keep that completive edge against other online retailers.
                    2. ASOS are up cycling clothing through their marketplace
                      1. The green room are some of the ASOS initiatives that underpin our commitment to ethical fashion.
                        1. Packaging and reducing emissions also makes the company more appealing to consumers due to it being more sustainable.
                    3. Legal
                      1. ASOS ethical code of conduct: defines the minimum standards that we require from all suppliers who manufacture or supply goods for ASOS
                        1. ASOS ethical standards
                          1. ASOS young worker and child labour policy- If they are caught using the wrong standards of trading people won't want to buy from the company again.
                        2. Minimum wage policies
                          1. Minimum wage is that law and ASOS must comply with this throughout their whole company.
                        3. Supply chain factor
                          1. Fast fashion means fast delivery and turn around of stock in the warehouse.
                          2. Political
                            1. Political decisions affect the economic environemnt
                              1. Political can also affect the socio/cultural environment
                                1. Workers rights and child political laws are prominent in the news
                                  1. Positive manufacturing facilities and staff care needs to be ensured by law
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