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  1. Love
    1. MARTHA
      1. She confess being afraid of Virginia Woolf
        1. Alcoholic
          1. Host
            1. Always humiliating George
              1. had high hopes for George's academic career
                1. Frustated for not having a real baby with George
                  1. Positive influences for Goerge
                    1. Encourage Nick to sleep with her
                    2. Got married because of her father position
                      1. Have an imaginary baby
                        1. They live together
                          1. Unstable relationship
                            1. Unfaithful
                            2. Host
                              1. History teacher
                                1. Want's to be decan of the university
                                  1. Always making fun of Nick
                                    1. Kill the imaginary baby to have revenge
                                      1. Proposed a game to make fun of the hosts
                                        1. Expose his most painful secrets to Nick and Honey
                                        2. He killed his parents
                                          1. Accidentally shot his mother
                                            1. Accidentally killed his father in a car crash
                                            2. Aggressive
                                              1. Good relation
                                                1. NICK
                                                  1. Love
                                                    1. Got married because
                                                      1. Have had a hysterical pregnancy which in the movie can be undertood that she killed him
                                                        1. Of Honey's money (Dad)
                                                        2. HONEY
                                                          1. Inocent
                                                            1. Rich
                                                              1. Good relation with Martha
                                                                1. Does not found put about Martha and nick because she was drunk
                                                                  1. Always drinking and passed
                                                                    1. Guest
                                                                  2. Have sex
                                                                    1. Martha
                                                                    2. Biology teacher of the same university as george
                                                                      1. Guest
                                                                    3. Cynical
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