International Relations

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This presentation contains the 4 debates in the study of IR.

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International Relations
  1. First Debate
    1. Idealists
      1. Realists
      2. Second Debate (Realist School)
        1. English School
          1. Henry Bull
            1. Traditional method
              1. Looking at norms
                1. International Society
                2. Scientific Method
                  1. Kaplan
                    1. International System
                  2. Third Debate
                    1. Realism
                      1. Anarchic international system
                        1. Interests of States
                          1. Machiavellian Politics
                            1. decisions are based on external factors
                              1. Focuses on power and selfishness
                                1. Hans J. Morgenthau
                                  1. States are most important actors
                                    1. States primary concern: survival
                                      1. Military: to survive, but leads to security dilemma
                                      2. Humans are self-centered and competitive
                                        1. Defensive Realism/Neorealism
                                          1. Kenneth Waltz
                                            1. Security dilemma: core assumption
                                              1. States - security maximizers
                                              2. Offensive Realism / Realism
                                                1. John Mearshimer
                                                  1. States - aggressive power maximizers NOT security maximizers
                                                    1. All states seek to increase their power bec. one state can never be sure of other states' intentions.
                                                      1. unavoidable uncertainty, so security dilemma is inescapable
                                                        1. Offensive military capability constitutes a great power
                                                        2. IR is a story of great power politics
                                                        3. Liberal Institutionalism
                                                          1. Domestic Politics affect foreign policies
                                                            1. States are the main actors in int'l system
                                                              1. Calculations about power matter little for explaining the behavior of good states.
                                                                1. Robert Keohane
                                                                2. Globalism/Maxism
                                                                  1. Int'l system can be explained in terms of imperial context; it's a capitalist system where there's resistance
                                                                3. (Emerging) Fourth Debate
                                                                  1. Rationalists
                                                                    1. it's about how we continue to exist based on the ideas that we actually have
                                                                      1. Hegelian (material)
                                                                        1. Realism and LI --> material theories (military capability, econ capacities)
                                                                        2. Constructivists (from idealists)
                                                                          1. we don't talk about what is present but what we want to attain/construct; we can reconstruct our social relations
                                                                            1. Marxist (idea)
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