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Services available in the NCT

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NCT Services
  1. Breastfeeding support
    1. Babycafe
      1. Helpline
        1. Peer support projects
          1. Counselling
          2. Branch and volunteer services
            1. sling library
              1. First aid courses
                1. breastpump hire
                  1. Bumps and babies groups
                    1. Babychange at events
                      1. Nappy Library
                        1. Valley cushion hire
                          1. Pram walks
                          2. Antenatal education
                            1. Signature and Essentials courses
                              1. NHS courses
                                1. Specialist workshops such as Twins and Multiples, waterbirth or mantenatal
                                  1. Free to access antenatal drop ins in for women prisoners or Refugees and Asylum seekers
                                    1. Information services on website
                                    2. Postnatal education
                                      1. Introduction to solids workshops
                                        1. Early days courses for parents
                                          1. Baby Massage
                                            1. Mother and Baby yoga
                                            2. Education and training
                                              1. Acredited peer support training
                                                1. Access course to higher education
                                                  1. Foundation degrees (antenatal teacher, postnatal leader, breastfeeding counsellor)
                                                    1. Additional modules (yoga for pregnancy, doula, baby massage etc)
                                                    2. BA Hons Birth and beyond/Birth and beyond educator
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