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  1. Technical specifications/availability/settings of TV/Network
    1. Explained the functions/change the settings/sent a manual/
      1. More specific issue
        1. Ask Supervisor or Product manager
          1. Technical support /Poland
            1. Contact Customer back
    2. Repair/ to need to ASC
      1. HS
        1. Registration
          1. Send an email with repair number
        2. Out of Warranty
          1. Contact ASC
          2. Extended warranty by dealer
            1. Customer contact Dealer
              1. Contact ASC
            2. Extended warranty by Panasonic
              1. Requierments: certificate or it must me product mentioned in document
                1. Registration HS
                  1. Send an email with registration number
            3. Marketing/Verification of out of warranty product, max. 1 month after/ Problems with ASCs/some claims
              1. Ilona
                1. Contact Customer/client bak
              2. Accessories
                1. Contact ASC (basic)/ contact dealer (others)
                2. Sales
                  1. Pass a contact on dealers or ASC
                  2. Profi products
                    1. ASC or pass contact of Bussiness support
                      1. Ilona
                      2. B2E
                        1. Paid
                          1. Pass telephone contact or email
                          2. Unpaid
                            1. pass an email adress
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