Basketball is better than football

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basketball is safer and better than football

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Basketball is better than football
  1. No basketball only football
    1. Basketball players are dirty
      1. Bandwagon
        1. just because people stop playing football and move on to basketball doesn't mean you have to.
          1. Testimonial example
            1. Basketball is life that is why so many people play it.
              1. Testimonial
                1. Just because athletes promotes the sport that they play (Basketball or Football) doesn't mean that you play football and then switch to basketball.
                  1. Card-Stacking
                    1. Just because you don't like a certain sport doesn't mean that you have to talk stuff about it because not every sport is going to be for you so that doesn't meant that you have to say stuff because everyone has there opinions.
                      1. Glittering Generality
                        1. Football players call basketball players names and basketball call each other names and say stuff but it is all positive.
                          1. Glittering Generality example
                            1. None of the players say stuff about the other sport and put them or it down.
                              1. Plain Folks
                                1. You can survey anyone and they would say that basketball is better and safer than football.
                        2. Card stacking example
                          1. Don't be that one person to do something just because everyone else does it just to look cool or whatever.
              2. Bandwagon example
                1. People are switching sports because the percentage is going up in basketball.
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