Business Case

Mark Sutherland
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Mark Sutherland
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Mind map for retrospective business case

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Business Case
  1. Sales Forecast
    1. Cost Forecast
      1. Project costs
      2. Market Penetration
        1. Competitor Analysis
          1. Defensive Marketing
            1. Morrisons Grocery Example
            2. Market Protection
              1. Ecommerce - driver of business change
                1. Single Face to the market
                  1. Reduce Administration
                    1. Expand into untapped customers
                      1. New ways of working with clients
                        1. Mobile devices
                          1. Role specific relationships
                      2. Project v BAU
                        1. Project as foundation stone
                          1. Roadmap developments
                            1. Click & Collect
                              1. B2B eProcurement & EDI
                                1. User Roles
                                  1. Workflow
                                    1. Restricted Catalogues
                                      1. eCatalogues
                                      2. Carpet & Flooring
                                  2. Market Potential
                                    1. ONS DATA
                                      1. Web
                                        1. EDI
                                        2. SIG size of the prize
                                          1. Project Potention
                                            1. Roadmap Potential
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